Developmental dramatherapy work with children living in challenging socio-economical and family situations

Leading: Lindzie Flockhart, Dramatherapist HCPC / Badth - MA Dramatherapy


Content: The practical tools and experiences acquired during these 2 days will support the dramatherapist in accompanying children towards therapeutic change, repair and the expression of identity.

Lindzie will share her expertise of the dramatherapists’ use of self, games and play, within the therapeutic relationship with children, using concepts and tools from Psychodramatic Bodywork® such as Moreno’s tele, doubling, transference and counter transference, etc…

Participants will be invited to explore their own body and therapeutic practice in a number of ways. They will be introduced to proprioceptor exercises looking at our own life force and the energetic space we as therapists create to meet the other.


Lindzie Flockhart has over 15 years of practice as a dramatherapist working in the UK with children and young people presenting with behavioral, emotional and social difficulties.


Her dramatherapy practice is also informed by her interest and experience in Psychodramatic Bodywork® and her knowledge as a Shiatsu practitioner.


Open to: art therapists of all disciplines

Languages: english | translation into german and french


march 19 - 20, 2021


Aarau, Switzerland


CHF 600.00


Plus costs for accommodation and meals