Arts based research in case studies

This seminar acquaints paricipants with various procedures fot researching, developing and presenting a dramatherapy case study. The module discusses and deconstructs the processes of case documentation, literature review, theoretical fundamentation, therapeutic process description and analysis, discussion and conclusion, by immersing the students in a particular case-study work.

The material is elaborated using art-based researche tools. Writing tools and strategies are also introduced and discussed towards the student's final paper assignment. 


Leading: Susana Pendzik, PhD

Open to: dramatherapists, creative arts-therapists, proffessional in the mental health & social work fields with some knowledge of the arts & dramatherapy students

Languages: english | translation into german and french


February 23 - 25, 2017


Aarau, Switzerland


CHF 890 | plus accommondation and meals