6-Key Model as an integrative assessment approach and dramatic reconances as an intervention method

This workshop introduces participant to a drama therapy-based assessement model (the Six-Key Model) and an intervention method (dramatic resonances). Founded in the notion of dramatic reality, the 6-Key Model is a useful tool that can be applied in clinical practice with individuals as well as with groups. The model allows to survey drama therapy processes, and facilitates the organization of the material in a way that promotes effective therapeutic interventions and furthers drama therapy thinking. Dramatic resonances is an advanced drama therapy form of intervention based on creative response given to an input from within dramatic reality, at various degrees of aesthetic distance. The workshop includes experiential and theroretical elements.


LeadingSusana Pendzik, PHD, Drama-Therapist

Translation: Brigitte Spörri Weilbach and Lucy Newman, Drama-Therapist

Open to: dramatherapists, creative arts-therapists, proffessional in the mental health & social work fields with some knowledge of the arts & dramatherapy students

Languages: english | translation into german and french


17 - 20 August 2023


Aarau, Switzerland


CHF 1'200 | plus accommondation and meals