Swiss Dramatherapy Institute

The Swiss Dramatherapy Institute is a certified educational organization that provides training, practice, supervision and continuing education in drama therapy.

The institute is distinguished by its international character deriving from the international teaching team as well as from the Swiss intercultural context.


The institute is an offspring and a member of the Swiss Dramatherapy Association (Verein 


The four-year modular training program in drama therapy is approved by the Swiss Arts Therapies Association OdA ARTECURA. It leads to the federal exam and professional diploma in drama therapy for professionals in the psycho-social, educational, medical, and theatre fields.


The institute also provides special courses in therapeutic theatre, continuing education and supervision for trained drama therapists and other creative arts therapists. See our complete program under Fortbildung.


Several seminars are English spoken with translation into German and French.

Address BildungsInstitut GmbH | Rosenbergstrasse 42b | 9000 St.Gallen | Switzerland


+41 (0) 71 222 00 35