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The Six-Key Model

The Six-Key Model is an integrative method of assessment and intervention used to assess, plan and evaluate dramatherapy and creative arts therapy sessions with individuals and groups.

This online course offers a comprehensive introduction to The Six-Key Model, and presents a 3-session case study, illustrating how the Model informs the work of a dramatherapist in individual setting.


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The Six-Key Model is an integrative method of assessment and intervention in drama therapy and the creative arts therapies. It can be used to assess, plan, and evaluate drama therapy and creative arts therapy processes with individuals and groups.


This online course includes:


  1. A comprehensive introduction by the author explaining how the model works
  2. A case study based on an actual client and performed by two actresses/ therapists. 
  3. The case presents three sessions – first, middle, and advanced session. On-screen graphical cues help to understand when the different keys are at work during the sessions.
  4. After each session, a short commentary is given by the therapist, explaining how The Six-Key Model helped her to assess the client’s process, and to consider effective interventions. 
  5. A client’s perspective is also included after each session, which helps to understand her process, and how drama therapy (in this case) helped to confront and ultimately resolve her conflict.
  6. These inputs provide an invaluable hands-on approach to creative art therapists!
  7. We included a short video in which a drama therapist specializing in couples’ work explains how she uses the Model in couple’s therapy.
  8. Additional written materials, and a discussion board are included for the participants to share their questions and comments.


This online course can be access over a desktop computer or a tablet (smart phones are not recommended).


The platform will track the progress across the different platforms and will provide an email upon completion.


The course is available for a whole year from the time of subscription.

The price for individuals is $45.


We provide special pricing for schools and/or institutions that want to include and distribute The Six-Key Model as part of their curriculum.


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